Sushi and football, the new perfect partnership?

IMG-20140712-WA009  So the last thing I expected to be talking about today, especially in this football mad blog, was the dinner I had last night while watching Holland tear David Liuz’s Brazil apart. But that is exactly what I will be waxing lyrical about.IMG-20140712-WA010

My friend Omar Al Raisi of @Dantani fame had pointed me in the direction of Sushi Central, an Emirati-owned company in the heart of Abu Dhabi because I was looking for something different to cater for the arrival of my family from England, America and Ghana to celebrate the arrival of my new daughter a few days prior. Living in Al Reef, it was a massive plus point that they delivered straight to my house, and on time too.

We ordered the food to be delivered just before kick off and as great as the game was last night, by the time Silva had deliberately brought my player of the tournament, Arjen ‘Roadrunner’ Robben down (outside the box I might add), the Crispy Rocks Shrimps had started to take my attention away from the match. By the time we had moved on to the Steam Beef Gyoza and Yakitori Chicken with Onion and Pepper, it wasn’t only the Dutch that were having their fill; we were almost as gluttonous as the Germans were with goals in the previous game.


By the way, how terrible were Brazil? In my opinion, only Neymar and Oscar can come out with a semblance of credit for this tournament. They were abysmal, but then what do you expect when your goalkeeper is a Championship reject and your stand-in captain is suffering from an identity crisis. I have made it pretty clear on Twitter but how anyone can think that David Luiz is worth 45million ponds is beyond me. In fact, it’s ridiculously unbelievable. The Chelsea directors, Mourinho or whoever does their transfers is an absolute genius to get this money for him. The Qatari owners at PSG must poo money to not care about 45million. This tournament has looked bad for Scolari, especially with persisting with players like Fred when Robinho and Lucas Moura were sitting on the beach. I bet they will be thanking their starts to have not been selected.

I am extremely happy for van Gaal though, especially with what I hope he will bring to Man United. The only reservation I have of him is how the Dutch played in the semi finals. In their biggest game, I felt that he got his tactics wrong and his team froze a little. Instead of their usual expansive style, they seemed to clam up, which I think worked against them because had they attacked Argentina, I think they would have won. The display against Brazil yesterday was what I expected, but then again, anyone can beat Brazil these days.

So now we move on to the final. I tipped Argentina to win this tournament, even going as far as buying their kit for my son and I. I don’t particularly like them as a team, but I just felt that with players like Aguero, Di Maria and Messi, they would take some beating. Even though Aguero has been injured for most of the finals, they have done well. For the reason that I would like to be proved right, I hope Argentina win, but I really couldn’t care who wins. I just hope it’s a great game and one to end this finals in the perfect way.

As for me, I now know that the perfect way to watch a football game in this modern day is with a slice of Japanese delight. Thank you Sushi Central for livening my taste buds.